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Privacy & GDPR

Data Privacy challenges for organisations are wide ranging. They include reviewing company policies and procedures, website compliance, security measures (e.g. CCTV), internal company employer/employee privacy data issues including employee contracts and the employee handbook, review of third party contracts and service agreements and marketing activities including CRM databases.

A Well Designed Privacy

A good privacy practice is more than a compliance or regulation discipline, organisations are integrating core ‘privacy by design’ considerations into project management and risk management methodologies and policies. Privacy by design is an approach to projects that promotes privacy and data protection compliance from the start. Taking a privacy by design approach minimizes privacy risks and builds trust. Designing projects, processes, products or systems with privacy in mind at the outset can lead to benefits, which include:

  • Potential problems are identified at an early stage, when addressing them will often be simpler and less costly

  • Increased awareness of privacy and data protection across an organisation

  • Organisations are more likely to meet their legal obligations

  • Actions are less likely to be privacy intrusive and have a negative impact on individuals. 

Our Privacy Approach

We recognize the need for practical privacy solutions that can cover the entire lifecycle and meet your individual business needs. Our Privacy approach leverage privacy by design principles, translating the myriad of privacy regulations and requirements in to deliverable, pragmatic, business relevant strategies and policies.

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