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Information is now one of the most critical assets for a number of organizations. It is spread throughout the company and its protection needs to be addressed at the highest levels of decision-making.

Our information Governance & Compliance business solution is designed to solve the business risks and challenges a company faces, while creating a return on investment for our clients. 

Information Governance Strategy - Data Minimization

Our experienced professionals guide organizations through a comprehensive assessment of their information assets — from customer data to trade secrets, company policies, and internal communications — to decrease data risk, reduce future costs, and achieve sustainable operational efficiencies.

Our methodology includes:​

  • Retention

  • Policy and overall information governance assessments

  • Policy and program development and enhancement

  • Information/Content classification

  • Framework Implementation

Our Information Governance

We collaborate with stakeholders throughout organizations to establish tangible information governance objectives. We then evaluate the organization’s information assets, and work with clients to either implement new programs or refine their existing ones to rebalance business needs and risk profile. The result is an organization focused on its business instead of drowning in information with marginal long-term business value.

Some key points of interest:

  • Engaging key stake holders to develop corporate information security strategy, encompassing business needs, risks and compliance requirements

  • Develop information protection program, identifying risks, threats, vulnerabilities, properly protecting assets, detect incidents and respond to emergencies

  • Outline information governance structures, roles and responsibilities

  • Implement information governance maturity assessments 

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