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Minimize your security risk and protect your company assets

Privacy & GDPR

Data privacy services are concerned with the appropriate and legal use of personal and sensitive personal data throughout the data’s lifecycle.

We recognize the need for practical solutions in order to make your company compliant with the requirements of the privacy regulations and the GDPR.

Small Businesses

Small and medium businesses are now being targeted by hackers and criminal’s due to the lack of trained personnel and effective security measures.

We specialize in providing cost-effective risk management solutions to help secure your sensitive data, and protect your business.


The security needs of your business are multi-faceted - physical threats to your people, your assets and other subtle threats that can damage your reputation, violate your rights and threaten your financial future. 

Conducting workplace investigations are risky, requiring urgent and discreet actions for any organization.


With cybercrime threats now more sophisticated than ever, how do you know your business is secure? Every year attacks on company data costs businesses like yours invaluable time, money and their reputation. We see the threats you could miss, and stop attacks before they stop your business.

- vCISO -

Chief information security officers (CISOs) are highly sought after, to the point where good ones are expensive and hard to come by. This is a challenge when more and more organizations recognize the value in having one in place.

CISOaaS (vCISO) is a service designed to make top-tier security analysts available to your organization for security expertise and guidance.


From strategy through implementation, our experts provide security expertise and extend your existing capabilities to fill crucial gaps and provide real-world, threat-driven insight to security operations.

helps address your organization’s unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives to facilitate the development of robust security programs.


RISKOM Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm providing bespoke governance, risk management, compliance and investigation services to corporations and professional communities, indifferent of organizational structure or size.

We provide customer-focused approach, tailored and fully customized for client needs, allowing the professional firms, regional companies and SMB's to retain high-quality service at a fraction of the market cost.


Japan headquarter

Resona Kudan Bldg., 5F Suite KS

1-5-6 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

102-0074 Japan

Tel: +81 50 5539 0811

Southeast Asia regional office

30 Soi Sukhumvit 61

Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea

Khet Watthana, Kyung Thep Maha

Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: +66 2 821 6160

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RISKOM provides security governance and investigation services throughout the ASEAN member countries 

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